DEPARTMENT OF Bibliographic Information
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DEPARTMENT OF Bibliographic Information


The manager of the department: Kanyuka Olena Anatolyivna

Location: Prosp. Svobody, 16

Tel.: (03122) 2-39-82


   This department contains the bibliographic apparatus of the library.Except for reference books,this consists of directories and files which allow the reader to choose a required book and get the necessary help and advice of a qualified bibliographer.Availableto the user are traditional card catalogs and files as well asan electronic catalog of articles and an electronic catalogue database "INFO", covering documents from 2003. Since 2007, the department uses the Central UkrainianCooperative Catalogue (TSUKK).The Bibliographic Information Department is the coordinating center of the library’s informational work. The Regional Information Centre and Centre for European information is based on it.This department also contains the section of information pertaining to art and culture.
   The department composes the “Calendar of important and memorable dates” for each following year. This publication includes the main national and international outstanding and memorable dates.It is a base referencefor the employees of cultural and educational establishments, educational institutions, scholars and university students. It is different from other calendars (issued by the central methodological center) as it is available long before New Year and so can be used forplanning work far in advance. The department also prepares informationalbibliographic materials on current challenges, press-digest reviews etc.

   Since 2008 the department is actively involved in the work of publishing bibliographies – personalities. Specialists of the department are preparing information and bibliographic materials on current topics, news digests, survey inquiries, etc.  Since 2008, the department has implemented in its website a service called "Virtual Reference".
The structure of reference and bibliographic apparatus:
The department consists of the following material :
«Chronicle of books»

«Chronicle of newspaper articles»

«Chronicle of magazine articles»

«Chronicle of Fine Art»

«New publications of Ukraine»
These sources give complete bibliographical information about editions and publications of the periodicals of Ukraine.
The section of information pertaining toculture and art 
This sect
ionoffers the informational services of specialists in the field of culture, the arts andmass media. Also, information pertaining to higher organizations, institutions of culture and art and divisions of culture is available.
Information has been gathered into the following subject groups:
Cultural politics of the state
Regional cultural politics
Cultural process
The economy of culture, its legal aspects
International cooperation in the field of culture
The development of classical and avant-garde art in the area
Culture of national minority’s
Culture of rural areas (villages)
Leading practices and achievements in the field of culture and art
   The basics of the background information section of the archive are publications from inform-centers of Ukraine, methodical and repertory publications of regional cultural and educational institutions; materials of regional and district seminars, meetings and conferences.
 «The chronicle of cultural life of the Transcarpathian district», which is printed by the section monthly , recollects the most important events in the cultural life of the district.