The book-depository department
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The book-depository department

The book-depository department provides organization and storage of general funds for all departments of service. The universal fund of the department consists of over 279, 700 copies of documents which have a scientific, historical, and artistic value in the system of library catalogues.

Saved here:

  • editions from different industries of knowledge;
  • universal maintenance periodicals of the last 40-years;
  • funds of regional periodicals date back to 1947.

The funds of rare and valuable editions, which prizhittevi of prominent cultural and artistic workers, editions of certificates and standards of artistic and polygraphy registration, are among functions of the department of book-depository.

Among them:

  • 1,500 of copies original, facsimiles, reprints, handwritten documents, and gifts, in unusual frames of documents from 1525 –1948 of edition.
  • A collection of tiny books, the least of them a little larger than a match box;
  • A collection of albums of reproductions formatted to 54 cen. in height.

Part of this fund is entered in the State Register of National Cultural Property of Ukraine. An electronic database has been created called the “Rare book”.

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