The department of literature on foreign languages
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The department of literature on foreign languages

The department of literature of foreign languages is a specialized, integrated department, which provides librarian and bibliographic-informational attendance to users - scientists, specialists of different economic branches, education and culture, students of universities and middle specialized educational institutions by publications of foreign languages.

Offered for users are 45 thousand documents in Hungarian, German, English, French and other languages, and 25 names of periodical press.

Encyclopedias and dictionaries fund (32 languages), impressively consist of almost 2 thousand copies and include dictionaries of not only common European languages, but also rarely applied in languages, such as - Japanese, Chinese, Vietnam and Eskimos.

The pride of the department - 200 volumes of literature called project "Library of the century" - presented by the British Council in Ukraine (world literature of English).

To satisfy users with publications and documents, that aren't available in our library, the department often uses library funds of foreign countries through the international interlibrarian subscription, the Internet.

The department provides a lot of mass work - in the building of the library, in different institutions and town's organizations - book exhibitions, months and literature decades of different countries, literature and topical evenings, meetings of enlightenment Hungarian culture club, reader's conferences, book premieres, meetings with writers, activists of science and culture, creative collectives, which help users to learn foreign languages.

The department organizes alternative classes "The library is waiting for you" (excursion on the department, and town, on the Internet).

In the structure is sector of Hungarian literature

The sector of Hungarian literature proposes native periodical publications in the Hungarian language, literature about Transcarpathia, published in different countries of Europe from XVIII cent. to nowadays, from the questions gungarology in different languages, interprets funds of Ukrainian authors in the Hungarian language.

In the sector of Hungarian literature works the enlightenment club of Hungarian culture named by Gisele Drava, literary-art drawing-room organizes exhibitions of artists' works.

The sector provides methodical work on questions to better librarian service in places with a high population of Hungarians, gives methodical and practical help to regional libraries on questions with Hungarian literature, makes needful methodological-bibliographical materials, discovers, combines and popularizes better work experience for these questions.