The scientific-methodical department
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The scientific-methodical department

Our address:
Zakarpatska regional scientific library
Prosp. Svobodi, 16
tel.: (03122) 2-39-98

The scientific-methodical department is the methodical center for all libraries of the Zakarpatska oblast.

The Department is situated in the center of professional life. It provides information to the libraries community about the front-rank experiences of libraries in Ukraine and foreign countries, carries out expert-diagnostic estimation of the activities of Central Library System, is instrumental in introduction of innovative forms and methods of the in-plant training of library workers, and also prepares press-releases, articles about activity of library, that are constantly printed in the pages of the local press. Close communication with mass Medias produce a positive image of the library, brings notice to imperious structures, and is instrumental in adjusting close communications with public organizations, creative unions and national-cultural societies.

The workers of the department acquire a lot of worth-while experiences at international conferences, all Ukrainian seminars and meetings. The fund of the department has been enriched lately by materials from the International conference, "Crimea-2002-2007", colleagues from Kiev, Vinnitsja, Dnipropetrovsk, Ternopil, Rivne, Donetsk and others. To increase the professional level of library workers the department organizes scientifically-practical conferences, regional seminars, Days of professional intercourse, distance advising and others like that, are held at the department.

Development of electronic data-base "Library of Zakarpattya", which will include common information about every library, its material and technical state, skilled potential, production activity, financing, and also a social-cultural portrait of a village or a town where this library is located.

The department also designs a set of publicity booklets, develops informative pamphlets, methodical materials, invitations and a lot of other modern publicity products that is instrumental in the increase of the image of the library and the knowledge of the population about its possibilities.

The workers of the department have started a new series of editions called "Biblio-class", which includes texts of informative and methodical-bibliographic editions of library, in particular, materials of regional seminars, methodical-bibliographic materials to the most prominent dates of Ukraine and regional history and literature, its version is on the library`s site.

The department collects and constantly fills up the fund of the bibliographic literature about the activities of different branches of libraries.