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For those who are interested in the study of a particular region, the depart-ment offers: one of the most complete funds of Zakarpattya - albums, catalogues of exhibitions, collections of notes etc. - Almost 22 thousand documents.

Large attention is given to forming a bibliographic informational system.

    It includes:
  • A Systematic catalogue of regional literature;
  • An Inquiry fund;
  • A Chronologic catalogue of local editions;
  • A Chronologic card index of magazines;
  • A Fund of the executed certificates.

The department is used annually by over 2,600 users. The majority of which are: research workers, teachers, students.

A prosecution is conducted of electronic catalogue „Krai”, started in May, 2004, which will accelerate the search of information in the array of docu-ments. Analogical work is conducted on creation of electronic catalogue „Krai 2” is an analytical description of collections, articles from magazines and newspapers ( started in July , 2005).

We inform Management of the culture of the Transcarpathian regional state administration on the questions of culture, art and scientific life of region ( give lists with information).

The fundamental book illustrated exhibitions are here created from history of Zakarpattya. Literary-musical evenings, devoted notable events and known names in history of the region, are conducted. Days of study of a region, presentation of books are conducted and other similar activities.

Actively continues to operate Etnoclub under the name „Chronicles of grandmother’s box”, meetings of which always pass interestingly.

The department concentrates scientifically-bibliographic work from regional subjects and publishing activities.

The fund effectively informs specialists from different professions about new regional materials and it publishes a summary of new regional literature.

In 2002 with the purpose of a clearer systematization of materials, every four months two summarized editions are given out –„ Zakarpattya on the Pages of the Press” and annually „The Book of Zakarpattya: The catalogue of annotated editions.... a year”.

The popular annual „ Calendar of regional and memorable dates on .... a year” includes not only bibliographic materials but also articles of the known research workers of the region and figures of culture.